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Tecnon OrbiChem has been a leader in providing data and analysis to the petrochemical industry since 1976. We are now one of the world's foremost marketing consultancies to the bulk chemicals, petrochemicals and plastics industries. We specialise in Chemical Intermediates, Synthetic Fibres and Resins.

Tecnon OrbiChem provides independent, expert assistance on projects and strategic issues. We offer a unique combination of up-to-date market information and in-depth analysis through monthly business reports and proprietary databases.

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Epoxy Resins & Co-Reactants
20 January 2017 Issue Number 005
  • US epoxy resin producers announce 5 c/lb increase for January
  • Increases of €50-100/ton succeed in January/February epoxy business in Europe
  • European producers seek a further €100-150/ton hike for February
  • BPA prices increased globally but over-supply now adding pressure
  • Stockbuilding ahead of the Chinese New Year pushes BPA, ECH prices up
  • Rising spot propylene will push US and European epichlorhydrin prices up

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Engineering Thermoplastics
20 January 2017 Issue Number 102
  • North American polyamide 6 prices up by around 6 c/lb …
  • … encouraging growing exports from an oversupplied Europe
  • Luxi Chemical firms plans to triple polycarbonate capacity
  • PBT continues to climb in Asia and China on firmer feedstocks
  • Spiralling butadiene and firm styrene push up global ABS prices…
  • … supported by surge in demand for Chinese household appliances
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Maleic Anhydride ยท 1,4-Butanediol
20 January 2017 Issue Number 309
  • Butane price increases puts pressure on maleic anhydride producers in the US and Europe
  • Chinese maleic ahydride prices expected to remain firm after the Spring Festival
  • US and European BDO producers achieve price increases for Q1
  • Chinese BDO prices continue to rise, pressurizing derivative markets
  • UPR demand in China slows ahead of Spring Festival holidays
  • European polyester polyol producers face substantial feedstock hikes in early 2017

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